About Us

We’re thrilled you found us, and we’re excited to introduce ourselves. We’re classically-trained printers and marketers — experts in getting your message to the people.

We’re 100% union labor, employee-owned and laser-focused on our work. We love a good challenge and we run a lean, nimble shop so we can work more miracles for our clients. We’re scrappy, we’re fast, and we’re good at what we do. Just ask around!

Have you got the Bug that’s been going around?

Don’t overlook the little icon you see on the bottom of every piece of political work we produce - it’s a mark that means commitment to the labor movement and the fair and equitable treatment of workers. It’s our Union bug, and we’re proud to print it.


The union bug, or union label, is a badge of quality, workplace justice, and a fair wage. You join together with unions, political campaigns, government agencies, and socially-responsible organizations when you demand that your printed materials are produced by our proud unionized team.

We print our union label on your products as a guarantee that your printed matter was manufactured by skilled, well-compensated union members. Make sure you look for the true mark of quality in union printing, the Allied Label. Ours is Washington D.C.’s lucky number 27, indicating we are members of the Teamsters Graphic Communications Conference Local 72-C, members of the national Allied Printing Trades Council.

Accept no substitutes.

All politics is local. Why shouldn’t your printer be?


An increasing number of candidates and organizations know they want the union bug on their materials, but can’t find a reliable source in their home state — many states no longer even have a single union shop — and are forced to send their materials far out of their home districts.

This is not the case in Virginia! Despite a bad reputation as an anti-union, anti-worker state, Virginia is home to a thriving little set of union printers. To combat the misperception that Virginians need to have their union work printed out of state, we started the Made In Virginia program and began printing the icon above on our in-state work in 2017.

The Made In Virginia label tells folks just what it says; that you spend Virginia money in Virginia!

The Homer Bacas Standard


“I run my business hoping that if he were here, he would be proud.”

“I grew up in suburban Fairfax County, Virginia, about 15 miles from the U.S. Capitol. My parents worked hard to provide for us and as a result, I spent much of my time with my grandparents, Homer and Chickie Bacas, who lived about a mile away.

“Born to Greek immigrants, Homer (who I called Papou, Greek for grandpa) was a hard-working World War II vet who took GI Bill classes in Real Estate and supported his wife and four daughters as a commercial real-estate broker, scraping out a comfortable life for his family and having a good time doing it. He was a New Deal Democrat, and he was proud to have volunteered for Adlai Stevenson in the 1950s.

“Papou helped develop many parts of Fairfax County, and he knew the area and its residents better than anyone. He was semi-retired by the time I was born and so had the free time to take me along to his various business meetings and errands. It was during this time spent together that he taught me much of what I know about business.

“Papou was a fair, honest guy; well-liked by everyone he met, he walked around Fairfax with a big smile and a story or funny quip ready at all times. He taught me that business was best when everyone walked away from a deal happy, that a dishonest action would always come back to haunt you, and to treat every person as if they were the most important person you’d ever talked with. Respect, kindness and integrity may not always be the quickest way to profit, but they’re the keys to happiness and success. Homer never made it big (“I’m not a rich man!”, he liked to say) but he got by comfortably and was proud of his reputation in Northern Virginia.

“Homer Bacas passed in 2006 at age 82, having lived a long and happy life. Every interaction I have in business and in life is guided by the lessons he taught me as a boy, and I run my business hoping that if he were here, he would be proud. Every job that lands on my desk is guaranteed to hold up to the Homer Bacas standard; that we will do everything we can to do right by you, no matter what.”

-Pete Gibson